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1. Battery Cell Balance
This process include Measure the voltage and internal resistance, top balance the battery cells,make sure the same group of battery has same cell Capacity, Internal Resistance


2. Assemble Battery modules

RJ TECH Automatic stacking and trapping, pneumatic stacking, to ensure that the lifepo4 battery pack can have a stable structure even in severe shaking, not easy to loosen


3. BMS test and assemble

BMS System Installation and Detection


4. Battery Aging

Connect the aging system to perform CC-CV charging & discharging repeatedly, ensure lithium-ion battery pack reaches the qualified standard.


5. Battery Packing
According UN3480 Cargo goods Packing standard, our batteries are all UN38.3 certified, with Transportation certificates, deliverable to every corner of the world.


FOSHAN RJ TECH LIMITED also provides OEM and ODM LiFePO4 batteries and battery packs services.
We provide full solution from battery design to delivery,from battery OEM/ODM to case OEM /ODM to package
OEM/ODM.We hope to cooperate with more friends from around the world for mutual benefits.
Please feel free to contact us for more information.


FOSHAN RJ TECH LIMITED has spent a lot of time and energy on research of lithium iron phosphate battery cells and packs with cutting edge university home and abroads.

For years, we have design various battery packs for different applications.

Also, we do BMS. we customize different BMS suitable for Power battery, Energy Storage battery.

Technology is power, RJ always spend what ever it takes on R & D, in order to keep a leading position in the lithium ion battery industry.

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