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What is the difference between a lithium battery and a lithium ion battery?

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Lithium battery and lithium-ion battery are very popular battery varieties. In literature and real life, people found that lithium battery and lithium-ion battery are sometimes similar and sometimes interchangeable in use. The reason is that lithium battery and lithium-ion battery are a pair of concepts that are different from each other and have a relationship of succession and development. No wonder people will confuse them.

The so-called lithium battery is the general name of the battery with metal lithium as the negative active substance, while the lithium-ion battery refers to the secondary battery system with two different lithium-ion intercalation compounds that can be reversibly embedded and de intercalated as the positive and negative electrodes of the battery, the same point of the lithium battery and the lithium-ion battery is on the positive electrode and the electrolyte, both of which are made of metal oxide and sulfide As the positive electrode, the organic solvent inorganic salt system is used as the electrolyte.

Lithium battery and lithium-ion battery are a developing process. Lithium battery is a kind of material with lithium metal or lithium alloy as the negative material, and chemical reaction is oxidation-reduction reaction. Later, Sony Company invented lithium battery with carbon material as the negative electrode and lithium compounds as the positive electrode. During the charging and discharging process, there is no lithium metal, only lithium ion, which is lithium ionization Sub battery.

In a strict sense, the working mechanism of lithium battery is different from that of lithium-ion battery. Lithium battery is a primary battery, also known as lithium primary battery, which can be discharged continuously or intermittently. A part of lithium battery can be used as a battery for reserve facilities, such as the application in water power, wind power, solar power station, etc. The lithium-ion battery is a secondary battery, which can be used repeatedly. Now, many people are used to call "lithium-ion battery" also "lithium battery", which is a convenient way to call it.

From the perspective of use, strictly speaking, lithium battery and lithium-ion battery are also different. The negative electrode of lithium battery uses metal lithium, the positive electrode uses MnO2, SOCl2 and so on. After it became practical in 1970s, it was mainly used in some military and civil small electrical appliances. The application of lithium-ion battery is more extensive, such as mobile phones, cameras, cameras, laptops, etc. the application of large capacity lithium-ion battery in electric vehicles has also entered the industrialization process. From the development trend of lithium battery and lithium-ion battery, the application field of lithium-ion battery is expanding, while the application field of lithium primary battery is shrinking.

Lithium battery and lithium-ion battery may be confused by people in practice, but there is a fundamental difference: there is no lithium metal in the reaction of lithium-ion battery, only the movement of lithium ion between the positive and negative poles. Therefore, it is also called "rocking chair battery". People can respect people's customary call for lithium battery and lithium-ion battery in life, but this does not hinder people's understanding of the theoretical area of the two Farewell.

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