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What is the best home battery?

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What is the best home battery?  

Why RJ Home battery is the best choice in the market?

Why choose RJ


 1. High-tech BMS

RJ has a R&D team of more than 60 engineers,  everyone in this team is a expert in lithium battery industry for at least 10years, We not only produce lifepo4 prismatic battery from scratch, but also we design high-tech BMS that match our battery perfectly. Today, RJ is a successfully leading technology company in the battery management system. Which is widely various application such as EV, Electrial forklift, Camper RV, E-Boat, Solar off on grid energy storage.


2. Customization service

From voltage to capacity, 3.2v up to 96v, 10ah up to 1000ah, or even large scale battery energy containerised storage system, we can customize for you. Just send us an enquiry with details requirements, and our engineer team will quickly evaluate and our sales team will provide you quote with professional solution within 24hours. We have done so many cases that we are now very well experienced with nearly all kinds of requirements, such as waterproof case, portable case, high discharge rate requirement, ABS shell case, CE certficated battery, fast charging time requirements etc. We are ready to help.


3. One-stop turkey solution

We are very proud of our leading technology in lithium lifepo4 battery and BMS, we are also very proud to have partners in inverter, solar charger, solar panels around this industry. We carefully choose our partner to fullfil all our customers needs with very competitive price and top quality. With our excellent partner, We are able to provide you one stop and turnkey solution. Which save you time and energy. Above all, with the new mode of commercial, we are able to offer you the lowest price that in the market other competitor can hardly match. Your 100% satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Just contact us for more details.




*   only 1/3 the weight of lead acid battery with same energy


*   Over 6000 100% discharge cycles while lead acid only has 300 cycles.


*   can be discharged to 100% compared lead acid can only use  70% of the capacity.


*   High discharge rate and quick charging capability;


*   very low self discharge rate, no more than 6~8% per year;


*   has a wider operation temperatures of -20 to 75 deg.C


*   can put in parallel or series to reach higher capacity and voltage for different applications.

*   Absolute Maintenance free;

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