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What are LiFePO4 batteries used for?

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What are the main applications of lifepo4 batteries?


(1) energy storage equipment: energy storage equipment based on solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy and marine energy power generation system; peak load regulation of power grid; UPS system; home lighting used as energy storage equipment (BYD has been producing such batteries) in cooperation with solar cells;


(2) high power electric tools (wireless) such as electric tools; electric hammers, electric drills, weeding machines, etc;


(3) light electric vehicle electric motor vehicle, electric bicycle, recreational vehicle, golf cart, electric pusher, cleaning vehicle; hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), target of recent 2-3 years, forklift, forklift and other power supply;


(4) small equipment medical equipment: electric wheelchair, electric scooter; toys (remote control electric airplane, car, boat?);


(5) other small electrical miner lamps


(6) starting power: automobile, motorcycle, tractor, diesel engine, railway diesel locomotive, electric locomotive, bus starting power;


(7) fixed power supply: mainly used for communication, mobile base station, telecommunication, railway transportation, electric power, finance, power plant, computer system as standby power supply for protection and automatic control


(8) military field: military field electronic command system, sea (submarine, underwater robot), land (Army soldier system, machine soldier), sky (drone), air (satellite, airship), etc.


Lithium ion battery technology is not a single industrial technology, it is related to the development of information industry, but also one of the basic technologies for the development of new energy industry, and become one of the indispensable important "food" for modern and future military equipment. It is believed that in the future, the lifepo4 batteries battery will replace the lead-acid battery in the world, and will be more widely used!

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