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Trial comparison of equal capacity batteries

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Trial comparison of equal capacity batteries

From the theoretical calculation and practical test, RJ group concludes that Panasonic lithium battery and RJ lithium iron phosphate battery used by Tesla automobile have excellent performance and are suitable for golf cart.

In addition to automobiles, lithium batteries are widely used in power equipment such as telecommunication base stations, and the technology of lithium batteries is very mature. With the mass production of lithium battery, the cost of lithium battery is also decreasing.

It is still very difficult and challenging to carry the lithium battery on the golf cart technically. Specifically, the difficulty lies in how to control the consistency of lithium battery core, the intelligent matching degree of BMS, the matching of charger charging curve and lithium battery charging curve, etc. The work of lithium battery is more precise. For example, the display of lithium battery power is controlled by electrical signal, while the lead-acid battery reflects the power by the change of actual voltage. For another example, there should be a communication protocol between the lithium battery charger and the lithium battery management system. This requires that all parts in the lithium battery system must be matched well. If not, it will affect the normal operation of the lithium battery. In addition, due to the high density, small size and light weight of lithium battery, the golf cart matching lithium battery needs to be redesigned, which is not simply to carry the lithium battery to the existing golf cart. Firstly, according to the working requirements of the endurance mileage, the appropriate capacity of the battery should be selected, then the volume and weight of the battery should be determined, and finally the chassis suspension of the golf should be optimized. By continuously adjusting and optimizing the hardness of the damping spring, the best comfort degree can be achieved.

The actual working performance and performance of the lithium version golf cart are still praiseworthy. First, the one-time investment cost of lithium-ion golf cart will be higher, but in the service life cycle of the golf cart, compared with the comprehensive cost of lead-acid battery and lithium-ion battery, the lithium-ion golf cart is still relatively economic. Based on the service life of 5-6 years, the lithium battery does not need to be replaced in the middle, while the lead-acid battery needs to be replaced in about two years. In addition, the daily maintenance cost of the lead-acid battery is very high, and the battery fluid needs to be added frequently. Once the maintenance is not in place, the lead-acid battery is easily damaged. The cost and maintenance cost of replacing lead-acid battery is much higher than that of using lithium battery.

Second, the lithium battery has small attenuation and can be used frequently by vehicles. The attendance rate of vehicles is much higher than that of the lead-acid version of the ball car, and the field can use fewer vehicles. Lithium version of the vehicle maintenance is simple and easy, do not need to add battery fluid frequently, save labor and material. In addition, due to the light weight of the lithium battery car, the wear of the tires, shock absorbers, brakes and other parts of the car is much less.

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