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RJ TECH BESS 1Mwh 2Mwh 5Mwh 10Mwh Lithium Battery Large Scale Energy System

Plug and Play, Easy Maintenance
  • RJ-ESS-M1

  • RJ

  • RJ-ESS-M1

                          Standardized Module - Plug & Play  - FACTORY PRICE             

RJ has a powerful engineer team who have professional skills in mechanical design, thermal management design, simulation , electric design and software design. Engineering team have more than 10 years experience in battery system design, including many world famous projects for different area around the world. Our worker are well trained in professional skills to ensure the quality and lead time. Battery module are designed for full automatic production line for easy scale up to mass products.

High-valued assets should be used frequently and efficiently to maximize the owner’s return on investment. To minimize the total cost of ownership, the best

 battery chemistry and system level performance can be tailored to optimize the application’s operational requirements.

Aseismic design & cooling design & heating design based on the real working condition. 

Anti-corrosion case & Strict IP test to ensure marine battery pack with excellent protection from water and dust. All connector are well designed from water protection and vibration. Provide full solution for marine engine, working well with the solar panel & inverter & water proof charger.

ESS Module-4

Model RJ-ESS-M1
Norminal Power(KWh) 1Mwh
Inverter Power 750KW ( customized)
MPPT Power 1125KW (customized)
Material Type Lithium Battery (LiFePO4)
Dimensions (mm)

 (1300*1850*1100mm ) * 5

Weight(Kg) 9000 Kg 
Isolation Transformer Cabinet With Power Panel
Module Balance Active Compensate Balance
Cooling Force-Air Cooling(Indoor) Outdoor with AC
Enclosure IP54
Expansibility parallel connection for Mwh system
Installation Methode Floor Mounted
Communication Port(Optional) RS485 / RS232/CANBUS
Working Temperature(℃) -20~65℃
Humidity 0-95% RH
IP Grade (IP) IP54-IP68
Altitude ≤3000m
Authentication Level TuV/CE/UN38.3
Design Life(year) 30+ years

high voltage battery-10RJ TECH ESS-11

 RJ has successfully developed a new version Battery Management System (BMS) for lithium based batteries, which is designed that operates more efficiently and communicates with UART between master and slave modules and can communicate via CAN protocol with external devices.

Micro controller based control and protection equipment is designed that help to measure and monitor the voltage, temperature and current values of the batteries.

They protect the battery cells from the conditions such as over charge, over discharge, high current, high temperature.

BMS balances battery cell voltages during charging process with passive cell voltage balancing.

In addition to the main controller module in the BMS, slave controller modules have been added to provide high resolution voltage and temperature tracking.

A modular BMS has been devised which can be used in groups of batteries of different voltage values thanks to electrically isolated slave control modules.

Master and Slave BMS

CAN communication (optional)

GPS function (optional)

APP for checking battery data (Optional)

Voltage \current\temperature\short circuit protection

Real time dynamic calibration

Vehicle operation condition was considered

Multi-method combination

High accuracy measurement of the cell voltage /temperature/pack current


RJ TECH rack battery 6

RJ HV battery 2

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