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Necessity of lithium battery for RV

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I. necessity of lithium battery for RV

The biggest problem of RV travel is water and electricity. The problem of water is relatively easy to solve. It's not so troublesome to find water. What's more headache is the supplement of electricity. Some people say that when you travel by Motorhome, don't you have electricity at any time with a portable generator? One of the more troublesome things about the generator is the noise. It's probably OK to use the generator during the day. In the evening, if you still use the generator for power supply, the accompanying car friends will leave you far away. Of course, it's OK for you to use the generator alone, because the noise is only noisy. It's also troublesome to use the generator. Every time you use it, you need to raise and lower it. You need to wire it. You need to stay away from it a little bit to reduce the noise. If the RV is equipped with a certain amount of lithium battery, it will be much better. Lithium plus inverter, almost no sound, and the same feeling at home.



II. What capacity of lithium battery is suitable for RV

How much capacity battery the RV is equipped with depends on the total power of electricity on the RV. In general, there are electric rice cookers, electric water heaters (boiling water), lighting, TV, audio equipment, etc. on the RV. Some RV also have air conditioning. Generally, 400ah battery capacity is recommended for non air-conditioned RV. For air-conditioned RV, it is recommended that the battery capacity is not less than 400ah. Generally, 600ah-800ah is better. The above battery capacity is for the battery pack voltage of 12V.

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