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How to decide Battery Capacity for RV Camper?

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First of all, make sure the power of your electric appliance. The accurate value can be obtained through the label on the back of the electric appliance.

Power estimation of common electric appliances for motor homes: air conditioning heating is generally about 2500W (electric auxiliary heating); air conditioning refrigeration is generally about 800W; electromagnetic furnace is generally about 2500W; electric kettle is generally about 1500W. Note: it is not recommended to use high-power electrical appliances for RV. The power of a single electrical appliance should be less than 3000W, and the high-power electrical appliances should not be used at the same time, which is determined by the maximum power provided by the generator or inverter we can carry.


Let's take the air conditioner that you are most concerned about and has the largest single power as an example. If you want to turn on the air conditioner for 10 hours in summer, you need energy: 800W × 10h = 8kw · H (8kwh), according to the formula: power × service time = power consumption.

The above calculation is the theoretical value, and other electrical appliances can be analogized. The total energy consumption of all electrical appliances is the total demand for electricity. The power consumption demand should be estimated according to a larger value to ensure that the reverse power supply is sufficient.

Through the above estimation, you can calculate your individual electrical power consumption according to your personal needs and add it to get the total demand. Give an example:

Watching TV for 5 hours 280W × 5h = 1400wh = 1.4kw · H = 1.4 kwh; using rice cooker for half an hour 800W × 0.5h = 0.4 kwh; using air conditioner for 10 hours 800W × 10h = 8 kwh; total power demand: 1.4 + 0.4 + 8 = 9.8 kwh.

energy estimation provided by battery

The calculation method (take 120ah as an example, i.e. discharge for 1 hour with 120a current), (12V × 120a × 1H) / 1000 = 1.44 kwh, according to the formula: (voltage × current × discharge time) / 1000 = electricity supply.

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