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Factors affecting the performance of lithium battery

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1. Overcharge, overdischarge, and large charging and discharging current


Avoid overcharging the battery, any form of overcharge of lithium-ion battery will cause serious damage to battery performance, even explosion. Avoid deep discharges below 2V or 2.5V, as this can quickly and permanently damage lithium-ion batteries. Internal metal plating may occur, which can cause a short circuit, making the battery unusable or unsafe.


Most lithium-ion batteries have electronic circuits inside the battery pack. If the battery voltage is less than 2.5V or more than 4.3v when charging or discharging, or if the battery current exceeds a predetermined threshold, the electronic circuit will disconnect the battery. Avoid large charging and discharging currents, which put too much pressure on the battery. All of RJ's lithium batteries have built-in BMS to ensure the best operation of lithium batteries.




2. Overheated or subcooled environment


Temperature also has a great influence on the life of lithium battery. The environment below freezing point may burn the lithium battery at the moment when the electronic products are opened, while the overheated environment will reduce the capacity of the battery. RJ's lithium battery has an excellent working temperature range. Please refer to our specifications for details.




3. Full power and no power for a long time


The experimental results show that if the battery voltage is more than 2 volts, the life of the battery will be reduced by half. If the voltage is increased by 1 volt, the life of the battery will be reduced to 1 / 3 of the original one.

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