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Are lithium ferro phosphate Battery Safe?

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Compared with lead-acid battery, lithium ferro phosphate Battery is small in size, light in weight, fast in charging and durable, which is an excellent alternative to lead-acid battery. After all, only a quarter of the weight of a lead-acid lithium battery can guarantee at least twice the charging speed of a lead-acid battery, and the number of cycles is five times more than it. Who wouldn't choose it.

At present, there are two branches of lithium battery, namely LFP and NCA. According to the materials, the three-way battery can be divided into two combinations: NCM / NCA

Of course, there are differences in material selection and battery performance. In terms of energy density, the ternary battery is far superior to the lithium ferro phosphate Battery. According to the laboratory data, the energy density of the same quality lithium iron phosphate battery is only half of the ternary battery. At this point, the lithium iron phosphate battery almost fails. At the same time, the low-temperature performance of the lithium iron phosphate battery is far lower than that of the three-way battery. In this way, the three-way battery should be the best choice for all electric two wheeled vehicles, but everyone chose the lithium iron phosphate battery. Why?

The answer is simple. It's security. The choice of battery is not only the choice of performance, but also the choice of energy density and nuclear fuel. Why not? All choices lie in a trade-off and comparison. First of all, the energy density of the lithium iron phosphate battery is lower than that of the ternary battery, and the energy density of lithium ferro phosphate Battery is more than 50% higher than that of the lead-acid battery.

Secondly, the ternary battery perfectly inherits the disadvantage of lithium battery, which is easy to self ignite. There is only one reason for the spontaneous combustion of the battery, that is, the internal heat of the battery is out of control. Laboratory data show that the self ignition temperature of the three-way battery is 200 ℃, that is, once the temperature reaches 200 ℃, the materials of the three-way battery will start to melt and self ignite until explosion. The self ignition temperature of the lithium iron phosphate battery is 800 ℃, that is to say, unless in extreme cases, the lithium iron phosphate battery is basically impossible to self ignite.

Secondly, the lithium battery may also explode when it is impacted or punctured to destroy the battery structure. Comparatively speaking, the ternary battery belongs to the one that you dare to explode if you move it, while the lithium iron phosphate battery has the advantages of high stability, which is very difficult to explode.

It can be said that lithium ferro phosphate Battery is the best choice at present. After all, the cost is limited. Even with such a high-level battery protection function, Tesla and other electric vehicles also have many explosion accidents. So, when we buy lithium batteries, we'd better choose a good and safe lithium iron phosphate battery!

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