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Are LiFePO4 batteries safe?

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Is the lifepo4 batteriesbattery pack safe? This question should be answered from three aspects: material / structure stability, production process and charge discharge characteristics.


1. The lifepo4 batteriesbattery pack is the safest cathode material for lithium-ion battery at present. It does not contain any heavy metal elements harmful to human body. The oxygen in its olivine structure is difficult to separate out, which improves the stability of the material.


2. The production process of lifepo4 batteriesbattery pack is basically the same as that of other lithium battery varieties, and its core processes include: batching, coating, rolling, production and winding. In the batching process, the conductivity of lifepo4 batteriesmaterial is relatively poor, so the particles are generally made smaller. The objective effect of this is that the internal arrangement is more uniform, which promotes it to form a balanced voltage platform, which can keep the battery stable during operation.


3. Charge and discharge are two basic working states of lithium battery pack. When the lifepo4 batteriesbattery pack is charged and discharged, due to the weak oxidation ability of iron ions, it will not emit oxygen, so it is difficult to have oxidation-reduction reaction with the electrolyte, which makes the charge and discharge process of lifepo4 batteriesbattery in a safe environment.


Moreover, it is difficult for the lifepo4 batteriesbattery pack to undergo severe redox reaction in the process of high rate discharge or even overcharge discharge. At the same time, after the lithium is deinked, the lattice changes will make the final volume of the cell reduce, which just offsets the increase of the volume of carbon negative electrode in the reaction. Therefore, the lifepo4 batteriesbattery pack can maintain the stability of the physical structure in the charge and discharge, and eliminate the hidden danger of the explosion of the battery caused by the increase of the volume.


The P-O bond in lifepo4 batteriescrystal is stable and hard to decompose. Even at high temperature or overcharge, it will not collapse and heat or form strong oxidizing substances like lithium cobaltic acid. Therefore, the lithium battery pack has good safety. It has been reported that a small number of samples were found to burn in the acupuncture or short circuit experiments, but no explosion occurred.

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