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Advantage of RJ Lithium Golf Cart Batteries

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Lithium iron phosphate battery has become a new trend of industrial battery. Compared with the traditional lead-acid battery, the lithium battery has a great change in quality and is a more green energy solution. Lithium battery has the advantages of light weight and low maintenance, and becomes the priority of electric vehicle equipment power supply. Because the lithium battery can provide the same voltage as the lead-acid battery, users do not need to modify the electric golf cart. Although the initial cost of battery replacement is a little higher, but in the later use process, the advantages of lithium battery will save users more costs.

RJ's lithium battery has a cycle life of 6000 times and a residual capacity of up to 80%. The new fully charged battery can run 200 miles for a golf cart and 120 miles after 6000 charge discharge cycles.

Long service life

The average cycle times of the traditional lead-acid battery used in the electric golf cart is about 200 times, generally about 100 times, and the remaining power of the lead-acid battery will be halved. RJ uses the leading technology of lithium iron phosphate battery cycle life up to 6000 times. Therefore, lithium-ion battery is the most economical and efficient choice.

Fast charging

The lithium battery, which is economical and energy-saving, has become the new trend of the energy plan of the electric golf cart. When the lead-acid battery is charged, the electric energy will be lost when it is fed into the battery from the charger end, and the electric energy will be wasted when it is replenished. The charging rate of lithium battery is higher and the electric energy is saved.

Light weight

Generally, for electric golf cart, lithium battery is lighter than lead-acid battery. With lithium battery, it can achieve less energy input and the same operation speed.

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