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12V 150Ah Lithium Battery LiFePO4 Li ion motorhome solar light

Factory Price IP67 Case Waterproof Solar Off Grid Energy Storage
  • RJ-LFP-12150-A

  • RJ

  • RJ-LFP-12150-A


               8000CYCLES - 10YEARS WARRANTY - FACTORY PRICE         

RJ 12 volt lithium battery packs engineered with Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) technology;

RJ 12v battery has twice the power, half the weight, and lasts 4 times longer than a sealed lead acid battery – providing exceptional lifetime value;

Most popular capacity from 100 Amp to 400Ah hours of capacity provides a full day of power for high amp draw trolling motors or for long days on the open road in your RV;

Ideal for deep cycle applications like trolling motors, solar energy storage, or boating, where you need lots of power for a long time.  10 year warranty. LiFePO4 charger available.



Items Parameter
Battery Type LiFePO4
Nominal Voltage 12.8V
Nominal Capacity 150Ah
Energy 1920Wh
Internal Resistance ≤15mΩ
Limited Charge Voltage 14.6±0.2V
Floating Charge Voltage 13.8±0.2V
Charge Method CC/CV
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 10.0V
Charge Current 45A (Customizable)
Continuous Discharge Current 100A (Customizable)
Pulse Discharge Current 200A (Peak)
Cycle Life > 8000 cycles
Dimension (mm)


Weight 18Kg
Charge Temperature Range 0~55℃
Discharge Temperature Range -20~65℃
Recommended Operating Temperature 15~55℃

lithium trolling motor battery-3




•          More than 8000 Cycles

•          Battery modules available for parallel and series for higher voltage and capacity

•          BMS Passive cell balance funciton

•          IP66, IP67, water proof, dust proof, Temperature monitoring

•          Customization for Size and Discharge and charge rate

•          Free of Maintenance, contains no poisonous material

•          No leakage, no hazardous chemistry

•          Quick delivery

•          Lighter in weight, smaller in size to save space.

•          Powerfull to increase robust operation for your marine boat or RV

•          Fast charging and high power discharge rate available

•          No need to add water nor worry about maintenance.


No. Item Test Item Criterion
1 Voltage Charging Voltage DC:14.4V CC/CV
Balance voltage for single cell 3.50±0.025V
2 Current Balance voltage for   single cell 35±5mA
Current consumption ≤50μA
Charging current 100A
Rated continuous discharging current 200A (Peak 300A)
3 Over charge Protection Over charge detection   voltage for single cell 3.65V±0.025V
Over charge detection delay time 0.7S—1.3S
Over charge release voltage for single cell 3.550±0.05V
4 Over discharge Protection Over discharge   detection voltage for single cell 2.50V±0.07V
Over discharge detection delay time 1.6±0.5S
Over discharge release voltage for single cell 3.00±0.75V
5 Over current Protection Over current   detection current 3 00±50A
Over current detection delay time 1.6±0.5S
Release condition Cut load
6 Short circuit Protection Detection condition Exterior short   circuit
Detection delay time 230uS—500uS
Release condition Cut load
7 Auto heating function Built-in heating Pad   20W Optional
Starting /Stoping temperature Adjustable
8 Battery Communication RS485/Bluetooth Optional
9 Resistance Protection circuitry   (MOSFET) ≤60mΩ
10 Temperature Operating Temperature   Range -40~+85℃
Storage Temperature Range -40~+85℃

Note BMS is customizable. More advanced functions available, such as bluetooth, RS485, CAN, Automaticaly Heating functions, High temperature shut off, Low temperature shut off, BMS protocol available etc. Contact us for more details!

With powerful capacity of Lithium Battery production, RJ is able to provide 1 to 1 customization service. No matter you only buy 1 pcs battery for your own use, or you are a company looking for bulk order of LiFePO4 Battery Pack, RJ will always meet your full satisfactions!

                                       Contact Us Customize your own battery Now!                   

Voltage Capacity/AH Weight With BMS Bluetooth/RS485/Self-heating/Canbus Lifespan Life Cycles
12V 10 1.5KG Yes Optional 30years >8000times
12V 15 2.4KG Yes Optional 30years >8000times
12V 20 3KG Yes Optional 30years >8000times
12V 25 3.5KG Yes Optional 30years >8000times
12V 30 4KG Yes Optional 30years >8000times
12V 40 5KG Yes Optional 30years >8000times
12V 50 6.5KG Yes Optional 30years >8000times
12V 60 7.5KG Yes Optional 30years >8000times
12V 80 10KG Yes Optional 30years >8000times
12V 86 11KG Yes Optional 30years >8000times
12V 100 15KG Yes Optional 30years >8000times
12V 120 18KG Yes Optional 30years >8000times
12V 140 21KG Yes Optional 30years >8000times
12V 150 22KG Yes Optional 30years >8000times
12V 160 23KG Yes Optional 30years >8000times
12V 176 24KG Yes Optional 30years >8000times
12V 200 25KG Yes Optional 30years >8000times
12V 240 27KG Yes Optional 30years >8000times
12V 250 28KG Yes Optional 30years >8000times
12V 271 29KG Yes Optional 30years >8000times
12V 300 31KG Yes Optional 30years >8000times
12V 400 50KG Yes Optional 30years >8000times
12V 500 60KG Yes Optional 30years >8000times
12V 600 70KG Yes Optional 30years >8000times
12V 700 80KG Yes Optional 30years >8000times
12V 800 90KG Yes Optional 30years >8000times
12V 900 100KG Yes Optional 30years >8000times
12V 1000 110KG Yes Optional 30years >8000times
12V 1500 180KG Yes Optional 30years >8000times
12V 2000 220KG Yes Optional 30years >8000times
12V 2500 275KG Yes Optional 30years >8000times
12V 5000 550KG Yes Optional 30years >8000times
                             Note Capacity/Size /Weight Can be Customized OEM Available,   MOQ 1pcs




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why RJ

1. Our company is a high-tech enterprise with 10 years’ experience in R&D battery.

2. With a total span of 20000 square meters, our monthly production capacity can exceed 6,000,000 Ah in our factories.

3. Flexible customizing and manufacturing accepted.

4. We promise providing high quality products with our professional R&D team, accomplished and experienced workers and advanced equipment.

5. Strict management and control for every progress in producing and 100% QC inspection before shipment.

6. We provide service of sample and prompt shipment, and sending someone to follow up the logistics progress after delivery.

7. 10 years warranty. Professional after-sales service, give instruction on how to use the products.

                               CONTACT US GET A LATEST QUOTE NOW!             


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